About Iceland

Iceland is a Nordic country positioned midway between two of the world’s largest markets – Europe and North America. It is sparsely-populated with less than 350,000 people and is famous for its hot springs, geysers, active volcanos and glaciers. Lava fields are a huge feature of the landscape and cover much of the land. It has become a major tourist destination for its natural environment and phenomena such as the Northern Lights, its food and culture and welcoming people, visitors expect to exceed 1million in 2015 and contribute almost 5% of GDP.

Tourism has grown by 54% in the last 6 years and this is expected to grow significantly over the coming years, attracted by the abundance of hot springs, wild landscapes and nature. Iceland is also famous for the ingenuity of its people who have harnessed the natural resources of the island’s hot springs and water to generate much of the country’s energy needs through geo-thermal and hydro power production.

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It has a well-educated workforce, low-unemployment and is amongst global leaders in geothermal energy, fisheries and IT/Gaming sectors.
There is tariff-free access for most products to the single market of the European Union. Furthermore, Iceland recently became the first European country to negotiate and conclude a free trade agreement with China, lowering tariffs on a range of goods and expected to boost seafood and other exports to the world's second-largest economy.
Securing long-term energy needs for businesses. Companies can also benefit from the renewable energy from geothermal and hydropower sources reducing their carbon footprint. Industries such as data centres, metal and silicon producers and industrial pesticide free greenhouse cultivation are fast growing in Iceland taking advantage of these benefits.
Excellent harbour and port facilities for bulk export as a global leader in fisheries. Vestman Islands is the largest fishing harbour and is also the site of the Q21 Bulk Water harvesting facility.
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