The purpose of medium bulk distribution

Q21 harvests its outstanding water from Iceland’s iconic Eyjafjallajökull volcanic glacier, using the natural gravity of the flow and environmentally friendly processes. The water, already naturally filtered by volcanic lava rocks, undergoes scientific tests to ensure its purity before packing.


• All of our bulk water deliveries use high-quality, purpose built 24,000 liter flexitanks shipped in containers. Flexitanks are totally air tight, manufactured to food grade standards and transit ready for worldwide distribution. All contact layers are EU and FDA approved.

• Q21 has a dedicated pipeline capable of filling by the container (medium bulk) or by tanker ships (large bulk).

About Q21 Bulk Water

They are a team of experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the benefits of using glacier water in a wide range of products and health sectors.  Q21’s Icelandic operation allows them to capture glacier water at the source as it melts under the ice and is filtered through lava rock.  This results in pristine water that has a very low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), very low nitrate, and PH between 8-9. It is considered amongst the purest waters on the planet.

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The water

The iconic Eyjafjallajökull glacier holds a secret – it is one of the world’s rare natural resources of accessible, clear, pure water. It sits high above the land and from this prehistoric source, ribbons of glacial water flows towards to sea, naturally filtered over time through volcanic lava rock. From this flawless water source, combined with the most natural filtration process, emerges the cleanest purest water available to mankind. Q21 offers direct delivery of glacier water worldwide ensuring it maintains its nothing taken away and nothing added quality.

– Exclusive glacier water source
– Naturally filtered through volcanic lava rock
– Near perfect alkalinity for human health PH7.9
– Ideal for use as an ingredient in food and beverage products
– Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of 68ppm verses some mineral water @ 250ppm

Analysisby ISO in mg/l

Environmentally responsible

The sourcing of this water has no environmental impact and does not interrupt the natural flow of fresh water to the sea.

Q21 products are sustainable.

Operations run on green power sources including hydro power and geothermal energy.

The cost effective bulk-water solution

The solution to your medium bulk water supply concerns may be simpler and more cost effective than you think.

Approved for export by the people and government of Iceland

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